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What You Should Be Asking a New Personal Injury Lawyer

While all lawyers have similar educational backgrounds, they are quite different from each other in terms of years of experience, the kinds of experiences they have had, their temperaments, and the approach they will take to get your case resolved as quickly possible within the needs of your particular situation.  You have a right, and you owe it to yourself, to ask very specific questions to any prospective lawyer about their level of experience, how they would propose your case would be handled, who would be working on your case within the firm, what the firm policy is regarding calling you back when you leave messages for your lawyer, as well as any and all other questions that you may have.  Your lawyer might be able to take things for granted because he or she handles many injury cases, but for you and your family, this is likely to be a new experience, an experience you wish had never happened, and something you have many questions about.

While you might be calling an injury law firm based on the recommendation of a family member, friend or neighbor, it is still a good idea to talk to a lawyer from the firm before you sign a contract.  You have the absolute right to ask about the trial experience of the lawyers for one thing.  At the Chicago personal injury law firm of Kurasch & Klein, for example, the lawyers have a combined total of well over 100 jury trials, as well as hundreds of arbitrations, mediations, and negotiations.  You should ask a lawyer you are interviewing how many contested matters he or she has personally handled, and whether or not he or she will be involved in working on your case.

You should also ask what the firm’s policy is about answering phone calls from clients, and how long it will take to receive a return phone call when you leave a message for your lawyer.  Nothing is more aggravating than trying to reach your lawyer and then not having your call returned promptly.  At Kurasch & Klein it is a firm policy to return all calls as quickly as possible because the lawyers at Kurasch & Klein know that any question you have is an important question.

A great question to ask a lawyer you are interviewing for the job is the level of trial experience of the lawyers at the firm. While most cases are settled without a trial, it is the trial experience of the lawyers at a firm that makes the insurance companies know that if they don’t do the right thing, they will be facing experienced trial lawyers in a court of law.  At Kurasch & Klein, the lawyers have many years of experience preparing for trial, and then actually trying cases when necessary.  It is the proper preparation of your case, whether or not it winds up being tried in court, that allows your lawyer to get you the highest settlement or verdict for your injury.  The lawyers of Kurasch & Klein take the duty to properly and professionally prepare your case very seriously, and insurance companies know that.

You will want to know at the beginning of your case who will be working on it at the law firm.  It is a great question to ask.  At Kurasch & Klein every client has the security and satisfaction of knowing that their case will be handled by the entire team of experienced Chicago trial lawyers, who will constantly discuss the best strategy for preparing your case to maximize the money recovery for your case.  The clients of Kurasch & Klein are always secure knowing that their case is being handled as if it is the most important case in the office because it is.

There is never any such thing as a bad question or a silly question.  You will have many questions you think of that you want and expect to be answered not only at the beginning of your case, but all throughout your case.  The experienced Chicago trial lawyers of Kurasch & Klein take every question very seriously, and they will always answer every question professionally and in a way that you will understand.

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